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Boston caches

7 Continents
6 Countires in a day
All US, Canadian, Irish, and German regions
Oldest cache in all 50 states (and the District of Columbia)
Oldest cache in 78 countries
Oldest physical cache on 6 continents
110 Active Year 2000 caches out of 112
4 Countries in which all caches have been found
342 Caches from different reviewers
460 Owned trackables
584,579 Favorite points found
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RetiredGuy’s 528 Souvenirs

All 51 States including District of Columbia
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All 16 Souvenirs in Germany
Baden Wertemberg Bayern Berlin Brandenburg Bremen Hamburg Hessen Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Niedersachsen Nordrhein Westfalen Rheinland-Pfalz Saarland Sachsen Sachsen-Anhalt Schleswig-Holstein Thüringen

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Connacht Dublin Leinster Munster Ulster

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Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia

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Aland Islands Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Aruba Australia Austria Bahamas Barbados Belarus Belguim Belize Bolivia Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba Bosnia Botswana Brazil British Virgin Islands Bulgaria Cambodia Canada Ceska Republika Chile China Columbia Costa Rica Croatia Curaçao Cyprus Denmark Deutschland Dominica Dominican Republic Egypt El Salvador Estonia Eswatini Falkland Islands Faroe Islands Fiji Finland France French Polynesia Gibraltar Greece Greenland Grenada Guatemala Guernsey Guyana Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Isle of Mann India Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jersey Jordan Kenya Laos Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Malaysia Malta Mexico Moldova Monaco Montenegro Montserrat Morocco Namibia Netherlands New Caledonia New Zealand Nicaragua Norway Norfolk Island North Macedonia Palestine Panama Paraguay Peru РОССИЯ Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Romania Rzeczpospolita Polska Saint Barthélemy Saint Lucia Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Martin Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa San Marino Singapore Sint Maarten Slovenia Slovenska republika South Africa South Georgia Islands South Korea Spain Sweden Suriname Switzerland Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turks and Caicos Uganda Ukraine United Kingdom United Arab Emerites United States Uruguay Vanuatu Vatican City Vietnam Virgin Islands Zambia Zimbabwe

24 Megas and Giga Events
GeoWoodstock XI Going Ape 2015 4ème event Forteresse GeoWoodstock XV Vikingevent 2017 Midwest Geobash 2017 WestCan7 - Speedy Creek Stampede Maritime Mega IV ASP Geobash 2018 Going APE 2018 GeoWoodstock 2018 Going Caching 2018 17th Annual Texas Challenge GeoWoodstock 2019 Going Caching 2019 Mingo Madness MOGA 2021 Ohio GeoClash 2021 2021 Metro Gathering ~ NJ's American Revolution West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2021 Going Caching 2021 MOGA 2022 GeoWoodstock XVIII - GWXVIII |OFZE2022| 15th anniversary

40 GeoTours
Geotour: Butler County Donut Trail Geotour: Earthcaching 101 Geotour: HQ Geotour: Bonneville Bigfoots Search Uncover GeoTour Porvoo GeoTour Taking Flight GeoTour GeoTour: Kyle Texas GeoTour: Visit Conroe GeoTour: Trinity Trails GeoTour: Cortland GeoTour: Experience Tioga GeoTour: Barbecue, Bourbon, and Bluegrass GeoTour: Mesa Fresh Foodie Trail GeoTour: Visit Mesa Autism Travel GeoTour: Fayette County GeoTour: New England Franco Route GeoTour: Fargo Moorhead GeoTour: West Bend Four Seasons GeoTour: Visit League City Texas GeoTour: Visit Baytown Texas GeoTour: Visit Beaumont Texas GeoTour: Houma Travel GeoTour: New Discoveries GeoTour: History of Landsat in Lompoc GeoTour: Captain John Smith GeoTour: Star-Spangled Banner GeoTour: Big Things Small Towns GeoTour: Sebring Area - Florida’s Hidden Gem GeoTour: Gulf of Maine Council GeoTour: Historic Boston GeoTour: A.P.E. Brasil GeoTour: Explore Abbotsford GeoTour: Amazing Places GeoTour: Giro d'Augusta GeoTour: Entdecke Deinen Landkreis GeoTour: Explore Sion GeoTour: Faszination Wasser GeoTour: St Wendel GeoTour: Leibniz Geoheimnisse

233 Other Souvenirs
10/10/10 Leap Day 2012 Second Annual International Geocaching Day 12-12-12 31 Days of Geocaching 17 / 31 Intl Geocaching Day WWFM X Geocaching Get Outdoors Day Maker Madness WWFM X The Explorer The Socializer The Collector The Nature Lover The Puzzler The Sightseer The Achiever International Geocaching Day 2014 International EarthCache Day 2014 31 Days of Geocaching 01 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 02 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 03 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 04 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 05 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 06 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 07 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 08 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 09 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 10 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 11 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 12 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 13 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 14 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 15 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 16 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 18 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 19 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 20 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 21 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 22 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 23 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 24 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 25 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 26 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 27 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 28 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 29 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 30 of 31 31 Days of Geocaching 31 of 31 Pi Day 3.14.15 - Event Pi Day 3.14.15 - Mystery Cache 15 Years of Geocaching Fun with Favorites Meet Your Road Trip Crew Lets Get Extreme High-Five for the Earth Put On Your Thinking Cap Road Trip Hero International Geocaching Day 2015 2015 Geocaching Block Party Geocaching Headquarters Original Cache Location International EarthCache Day 2015 Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016 Leap Day Weekend Leap Day 2016 CITO Week - April 2016 CITO Week - September 2016 Get Outdoors Day 2016 Favorites Are Forever One Cache Is Not Enough International Geocaching Day 2016 The International Cache of Mystery Mission GC Accomplished International EarthCache Day 2016 Haunted Hides GIFF 2016 Dönerstag 2017 3 Million Active Caches 3 Million Active Geocaches: Thank you! CITO Week April 2017 Blue Switch Day 2017 Canada Day Mary Hyde: Ahoy Me Hearties! Mary Hyde: Weigh Anchor Mary Hyde: Smugglers Cove Mary Hyde: Cuts and Keys Mary Hyde: Batten Down The Hatches Mary Hyde: The Lost Treasure International Geocaching Day 2017 CITO Week, September 2017 GIFF 2017 International EarthCache Day 2017 Last Cache of 2017 First Cache of 2018 Australia Day Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Space Explorer CITO Week April 2018 Hidden Creatures: Bigfoot Hidden Creatures: Fairy Hidden Creatures: Unicorn Hidden Creatures: Kraken Hidden Creatures: Hippocamp Hidden Creatures: Mermaid Hidden Creatures: Dragon Hidden Creatures: Yeti Hidden Creatures: Troll Hidden Creatures: Phoenix Hidden Creatures: Gryphon Hidden Creatures: Sphinx Hidden Creatures: World Turtle International Geocaching Day 2018 Project A.P.E. Cache Adrenaline Junkie CITO Autumn 2018 Caching Connoisseur International EarthCache Day 2018 GIFF 2018 Social Butterfly Trackable Lover Thanks 2018 Hello 2019 Cache Carnival: Köln Cache Carnival: Nice Cache Carnival: Venezia Creation Celebration Cache Carnival: New Orleans Cache Carnival: Rio de Janeiro CITO 2019 Season 1 Mystery at the Museum: Briefed Mystery at the Museum: Evidence Mystery at the Museum: Jewels Mystery at the Museum: Case Closed International Geocaching Day 2019 Streak Week: August 2019 CITO 2019 Season 2 Earthcache 2019 GIFF 2019 3, 2, 1 Go! Goodbye 2019 Hello 2020 02022020 Leap Day 2020 Blue Switch Day 2020 International Geocaching Day 2020 CITO 2020 Season 1 First Geocache Hidden First Geocoin First Mega-Event One Million Geocaches 20 Years Modern Wonders Ancient Wonders World Explorer EarthCache Day 2020 CITO 2020 Season 2 Last 2020 First 2021 Natural Wonders Solar System Ultimate Explorer Mars Perserverance Rover GCNEAT Rocket CITO 2021 Season 1 Geology Environmental Science Blue Switch Day 2021 Futurology 2020 Community Celebration Event Texas Instruments Spread Math Love Puncak Jaya Basecamp Puncak Jaya Summit International Geocaching Day 2021 Vinson Basecamp Vinson Summit International EarthCache Day 2021 Elbrus Basecamp Elbrus Summit CITO 2021 Season 2 Kilimanjaro Basecamp Kilimanjaro Basecamp Kilimanjaro Summit Kilimanjaro Basecamp Kilimanjaro Summit Fin 2021 Once Upon a Time 2022 Aconcagua Basecamp Aconcagua Summit Everest Basecamp Everest Summit Peak Performer Deuces Wild - 2's Day 2022 Hider Signal’s Labyrinth: The forest Signal’s Labyrinth: You escaped the forest CITO 2022 Season 1 Blue Switch Day 2022 Signal’s Labyrinth: The swamp Signal’s Labyrinth: You escaped the swamp Signal’s Labyrinth: The cave Signal’s Labyrinth: You escaped the cave International Geocaching Day 2022 Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration Geocaching World Record Attempt 2022 CITO 2022 Season 2 International EarthCache Day 2022 Signal’s Labyrinth: The hedge maze Signal’s Labyrinth: You escaped the hedge maze Signal’s Labyrinth: The castle Drop Anchor 2022 Full Sail 2023 2023 Hider Signal’s Labyrinth: You escaped the castle Signal’s Labyrinth: The dragon's lair Signal’s Labyrinth: You escaped the dragon's lair Signal’s Labyrinth: You brought Signal back to HQ Wheel of Challenges: Seeking Smileys Easy Wheel of Challenges: Seeking Smileys Medium CITO 2023 Season 1 Wheel of Challenges: Seeking Smileys Hard Blue Switch Day 2023 Wheel of Challenges: Favorite Fan Easy Wheel of Challenges: Favorite Fan Hard

Year 2000 Geocaches throughout the World
GC Code Name Location Date Hid
GC30 Mingo Kansas May 11
GC12 GC12 5/12/2000 Oregon May 12
GC28 Beverly Illinois May 13
GC3E Lane Cove Australia May 18
GC39 The Spot New York May 26
GC46 Geocache by Kevin Anderson (Wellington) New Zealand May 26
GC31 Arikaree Kansas May 31
GC1D Beaver Cache (the beavers have moved on) Georgia June 3
GC43 Europe's First Ireland June 3
GC16 GC16 6/4/2000 Oregon June 4
GC1E Tour of Stone Mountain Georgia June 11
GC53 Rift Valley Kenya June 15
GC25 Camels Prairie Stash Idaho June 17
GC37 Missouri's First - Watts Mill Missouri June 20
GCD Geocache (GCD) Washington June 21
GC26 Two roads Idaho June 21
GC27 Eggcellent Idaho June 21
GCB4 Auckland Stash (Auckland) New Zealand June 25
GC1B Gorilla Stash Arkansas June 27
GCBBA Geocache--Canada's 1st geocache Canada June 28
GC18 Tarryall Colorado July 2
GC40 Geocache Belgium July 7
GC35 Power Island Michigan July 16
GC20 Marooned Georgia July 17
GC19 Geocache Colorado July 20
GC17 Geocache 7/21/00 Oregon July 21
GC23 Geocache Hawaii July 21
GC4D Match Stash Sweden August 11
GC21 Lake Lanier Georgia August 16
GC36 Geocache 612 Michigan August 21
GC3B Potters Pond Utah August 27
GC57 Geocache Arizona September 9
GC5B Phil's Memorial Cache (Oldest CA. Cache) California September 10
GC5C Southern Idaho"s First! Idaho September 17
GC184 State Game Lands #109 Pennsylvania September 21
GC5F Yuba City California September 24
GC62 Tombstone Texas September 26
GC67 Paul Barclay Stash Colorado September 28
GC68 Centurion Guards Alaska September 29
GC6A Kippers in the Jungle (Denmark's first) Denmark September 30
GC6E Kids Geocache Alaska September 30
GC70 Octopus Garden North Carolina September 30
GC72 Sun Gear Finland September 30
GC74 First Mass Massachusetts October 1
GC76 Rock Town Georgia October 1
GC78 Firestone California October 2
GC79 Iron Horse Washington October 7
GC7A Victoria's 1st (Melbourne's 1st) Australia October 8
GC7B T824 Table Mesa Arizona October 8
GC7E Labyrinth Canyon Arizona October 8
GC7C Beaver Springs Utah October 9
GC7D "Lowell, aka Second Mass" Massachusetts October 9
GC80 Little Creek Stash Utah October 9
GC85 Camera Cache Massachusetts October 14
GC86 Vermont 1 Vermont October 14
GC89 Iron Horse Georgia October 15
GC8A Pony Express Stash Utah October 15
GC8E Queens land Australia October 17
GC90 Bonita Lakes Mississippi October 19
GC92 Un-Original Stash Oregon October 22
GC93 Indiana's First Indiana October 23
GC9C Rabbit Eye View California October 27
GC98 Texas Double - Second Oldest Cache In Texas Texas October 28
GC9B Clover Spring Stash Utah October 28
GC9E NH #1 - Mines Follies New Hampshire October 29
GCA0 Creekside Stash California October 30
GCA1 A walk in the park Texas October 31
GCA5 Hembre Ridge Oregon November 4
GCA6 Strathcona Wilderness 1 Canada November 4
GCA8 Wah Wah Stash Utah November 4
GC9FF Alvin's Phone Line Minnesota November 5
GCAB Orange County Stash (V3.0) California November 8
GCAD Devil Bend Australia November 11
GCAF "Mount Cargill (Dunedin, Otago)" New Zealand November 11
GCB0 "Flagstaff Hill (Dunedin, Otago)" New Zealand November 11
GC1F11 Sydney Geocache Relocated! Australia November 11
GCB1 "Unity Park (Dunedin, Otago)" New Zealand November 12
GCB2 "Botanical Gardens (Dunedin, Otago)" New Zealand November 12
GCBC Monte Cristo Washington November 19
GCBF Boston Cache New York November 19
GCBE Turkey Cache New York November 20
GCC2 Azucar Mine Offset California November 24
GCC6 Turkey Run Stash Indiana November 25
GCC7 Fowler Park Wilderness Stash Indiana November 25
GCC8 gerbiL cacHe New Jersey November 25
GCF7 Australia's Used-to-be-Highest Australia November 25
GCC9 No Walk In The Park Texas November 28
GCD2 Doggie Do (revived!) California December 2
GCD6 Born Free California December 2
GCD4 Bovine Hill Stash California December 3
GC153 "Sutton Salt Lake (Middlemarch, Otago)" New Zealand December 6
GCDE Igor California December 10
GCE0 Aldo's Andover Geocache Massachusetts December 10
GCE4 Another Brick in the Wall Connecticut December 11
GCE6 Willow Brook Wander Massachusetts December 12
GCF0 Scotland's First United Kingdom December 15
GCEC Brenton Point Rhode Island December 16
GCED Senda de Tonto Arizona December 17
GCEF CenTex Prime Texas December 17
GCF1 Frying Pan Australia December 17
GC175 Burke Lake Park Virginia December 17
GCF2 The Silver Lake Stash Massachusetts December 19
GCF4 Modoc Stash South Carolina December 24
GC111 Napa County's First Geocache California December 24
GCFA Christmas Cache Florida December 25
GCF9 XKD-380 Nevada December 26
GCFE Diablo Point Cache Arizona December 27
GC101 Hudson's Folly New York December 27
GC103 High Tension in the Bog Denmark December 28
GC104 Dragon Head Cache California December 28
GC106 Santa Barbara One California December 28
GC108 Survival Cache California December 29
GC10A dElAWare 7{1} Delaware December 30
GC10F Bradley Palmer Geocache Massachusetts December 31
GC11E Vitreous California December 31
Total found active Year 2000 Geocaches: 110 out of 112
Total found Year 2000 Geocaches: 112 (2 archived)

Top Countries

Caching Countries (listed by number of caches) and Oldest in Country Finds
< <
Country Oldest Cache in Country Found
United States Mingo
GermanyMedieval View
FranceLa Vigie
CanadaGeocache--Canada's 1st geocache
United KingdomScotland's First
SwedenMatch Stash
AustraliaLane Cove
FinlandSun Gear
NetherlandsAmsterdam Urban 1
DenmarkKippers in the Jungle (Denmark's first)
New ZealandGeocache by Kevin Anderson (Wellington)
ItalyBergwind -ZF218
JapanMaeda Point Cache
South AfricaSentinel View
IrelandEurope's First
LithuaniaTulip time
South Korea
BrazilMission 4: Southern Bowl
LuxembourgGrand Luxembourg Quest I (virtual part)
EstoniaHE-stash / HE-aare
Israel20 Years (Isreal)
Hong Kong
CyprusCyprus 1 - Lake View
Isle of ManManx
United Arab Emirates
Puerto RicoEl Jibaro
Saudi Arabia
QatarNot the Golden Arch!
Aland IslandsAland
JerseyJersey number One
MaltaThe Ring of Clapham Junction
LiechtensteinLiechtenstein's First
North MacedoniaTupolev 154
PeruAmazon Gateway
Bosnia and Herzegovina
BelarusThe Second in Belarus
New Caledonia
Costa Rica
MontenegroHOLY RUIN
EcuadorThe Fake Equator
Faroe IslandsSkansin
BahamasParliament Square
CuraçaoPittig Ding
Dominican RepublicA Walk in the Park
CambodiaPhnom Kulen National Park
Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
French Guiana
Cabo Verde
BoliviaCristo de la Concordia Cache
MoldovaFirst Cache in Moldova
Sri Lanka
French PolynesiaHidden Tahiti Treasure
Norfolk Island
ArubaWish Rock Garden
Saint Helena
US Virgin IslandsCANEEL HILL
UruguayVineyard Cache - Wood and Wine
British Virgin IslandsEyrie
PanamaThe 8th Wonder of the World- The Panama Canal
Trinidad and Tobago
ZambiaVictoria Falls, Zambia
NicaraguaMasaya Volcano Cache
Cook Islands
San Marino[BAU] San Marino #1
MonacoGrand Prix de MONACO - Sainte Devote
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaWelcome to Kunuku-Land
BarbadosThe Barbados Museum
Antigua and BarbudaLookout Point
Saint Kitts and NevisThe Botanical Garden Cache, Nevis
Turks and Caicos IslandsThe "HOLE"
Northern Mariana Islands
VanuatuVanuatu's Volcano
GrenadaWhat a Hole
Saint Martin*Green Key
SarkDon't MONKey Around
El Salvador
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesBequia, Eh?
GuyanaKaieteur Falls
Saint LuciaQualibou caldera - Drive-in volcano (ü99)
SurinameZanderij - Piece of Cake (Hannover Savannah)
Papua New Guinea
Sint Maarten*Cruiser's Viewpoint
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Saint BarthélemyOyster Crew Cache
MontserratWoodlands Beach Cache
DominicaEmerald Pool
SamoaAla o le alofa
Marshall Islands
Vatican City State*Eyes Up
Central African Republic
American SamoaPago Pago Mountain View
Sao Tome and Principe
Christmas Island
French Southern and Antarctic Territories
Saint Pierre and MiquelonSt. Pierre 2004 cache
Burkina Faso
Solomon IslandsPostcards from the Solomons
South Sudan
South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsShackleton's Rest
British Indian Ocean Territory
Equatorial Guinea
US Minor Outlying Islands
Sierra Leone
Western Sahara
Anguilla*Pyrates of the Caribbean
Côte d'Ivoire
Wallis and Futuna Islands
143 countires
78 oldest cache in country finds
* Cached out the entire country

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